2018 Foals For Sale

All Charger Morgans are handled daily, they halter, lead, tie, trailer and pick up all four feet. All foals carry a high percentage of foundation. We offer a 30 day guarantee for all our sale horses. Our 2018 foals are available  for sale starting at $3000

Chargers Wild Hare

MJR One Tuff Gent x Prairie Hill Aphrodite

2018 Palomino Filly

Bunny is a beautiful palomino princess. She will leave the herd to hang out with her people. She is a big girl with an attitude to match. Solid Morgan build and that great trot! She will excel in any direction and mature 15+hds.

Chargers Clyde Champion

MJR One Tuff Gent X Ragtime White Dove

2018 Buckskin Colt

A deep golden buckskin color if this colt was a superhero he would be called "The Tongue"! He is athletic, smart and his coloring will turn heads no matter what direction you take him.

Chargers Concealed Weapon

MJR One Tuff Gent x KDA Cream Soda

2018 Buckskin Colt

A light buttermilk buckskin with blue eyes. His barn name is Bruce Lee as he likes to practice his martial arts skills on Fish and Tire. He is very people friendly.

MJR One Tuff Gent x Amber Fields of Glory